A woman’s scent is an incredibly personal thing. It can be used to show who you are, or it can be used to help you become who you want to be. Some women choose to be monogamous when it comes to perfume whilst others change to suit their mood, outfit or the season. 

Scent is arguably the most powerful sense we have, memories we had completely forgotten can come rushing back with one smell. Perhaps many women choose particular perfumes either knowingly or subconsciously because certain elements remind them of childhood memories; a flower in the garden of their childhood house, the smell of freshly laundered sheets in a holiday home or a note reminiscent of a loved one. A close friend of mine absolutely loves the smell of rain and freshly cut grass, I myself dislike both of those and prefer smells like gas stations, cooking onions and suncream. So you can understand why, for me, finding the perfect perfume may be tricky.

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